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The 23 Hottest Nail Trends for 2024

The 23 Hottest Nail Trends for 2024

2024 will soon arrive! This indicates that there will be an abundance of new nail designs to experiment with in the coming year. Numerous noteworthy nail trends emerged in 2023; nevertheless, you are likely curious as to which varieties will remain fashionable in the following year. For your convenience, I have compiled a list of twenty-four distinct manicure trends for 2024 that you ought to experiment with. Therefore, peruse the following list for design inspiration and ideas regarding your latest nail styles.

1. Embellished Nails

An example of a nail trend worth experimenting with in 2024 is the utilization of embellished manicures. Typically, embellished nails feature gems or other nail embellishments to enhance the visual impact.

This incredibly cool embellished nail appearance, for instance, is an excellent illustration of a design that could be executed in 2024 by incorporating gems and three-dimensional designs. Greater is better!

2. Aura Nails

You may have encountered aura nails previously, as they have only recently gained popularity as a nail design. If not, they will be an ideal nail design to experiment with in 2024, should you have not already done so.

For those of us who are unfamiliar with the term aura nails, the manicure depicted above features a darker hue of red nail polish applied aura-style.

3. Holographic Nails

These holographic manicures are another enjoyable variety that you can wear to remain fashionable in 2024.

Holographic nails will undoubtedly draw attention to your nails and provide you with a dazzling appearance that you will adore. It is incredibly Y2K and beautiful.

4. Lavender Nails

Undoubtedly, Hailey Bieber has had a significant impact on nail trends, and she has done so once more with lavender manicures!

Following Hailey Bieber’s adorable lavender manicure, lavender manicures have experienced a surge in popularity.

5. Mirror Chrome Nails

Similarly to these rose gold nails, chrome nails are an additional glossy cosmetic trend that is worth attempting in 2024. Chrome nails, which were incredibly popular in 2023, will continue to be an entertaining nail trend in 2024 as well.

Additionally, if you wish to deviate slightly from the conventional silver or white chrome nail polish aesthetic, you may choose a hue such as this exquisite rose gold.

6. Negative Space Nail Art

You may not have encountered this negative space nail art design before. A negative space nail art style consists of an undecorated portion of the nails.

As an illustration, consider this negative space nail art design comprised of dark blue manicure polish and gold glitter, which imparts a visual pattern to the nail tips.

This is merely an illustration of the myriad styles that can be achieved through the use of negative space nail art; you are truly limitless in your creativity!

7. Metallic Accent Nail Art

Those who enjoy glittering or sparkling nail designs will also find this metallic accent nail art design to be an enjoyable trend in 2024.

This design will involve applying a base coat to the nails, followed by the addition of metallic details to create an incredibly unique design that you will adore.

8. Blue Nails

In addition to lavender manicures being an excellent choice for 2024, blue nails may also be worth considering.

Blue fingernails will undoubtedly be fashionable in 2024. One of the best things about blue nails is that blue nail polish can be used to create a variety of designs; alternatively, you can simply choose your preferred shade of blue.

For instance, if you desire a simple design adorned with shimmer, consider this royal blue manicure adorned with silver glitter.

9. Mismatched Nails

Those of us who enjoy applying a variety of nail designs might be interested in experimenting with a mismatched nail appearance for 2024.

Mismatched nail art consists of applying unique designs to each fingernail in order to accomplish a multi-design manicure. This nail design, for instance, incorporates a polka dot, rose, and checkered pattern to create a playful appearance.

10. Chrome Detailing

If you are a chrome nail enthusiast seeking a unique variation on the classic chrome nail appearance, you might contemplate incorporating chrome accents onto your manicure.

By applying chrome to your nails, you can generate an exceptionally stylish design that will distinguish your manicures in the year 2024. Even more imaginative individuals may employ 3D chrome details to create a gold chrome nail design similar to this one.

11. Chrome French Nails

Chrome will undoubtedly be a popular trend to experiment with in 2024, should you not already be using it. Moreover, those of us who adore French manicures may wish to incorporate chrome accents onto the tips of their nails to complete the appearance.

Therefore, the next time you visit the nail salon seeking a more fashionable French manicure design, you should strongly consider applying chrome to the nail tips.

12. 3D French Tip Designs

The 3D French tip nail style pictured here is an additional French tip nail design that will be fashionable in 2024.

With 3D French tips, you can add a creative touch to your standard French nail design to make it stand out more. Observe these manicures for some inspiration regarding the execution of a 3D French tip nail design.

13. Square French Nails

These types of square manicures have regained in popularity for 2024, so you should most certainly experiment with square nail designs.

For instance, the French nail look is always a fantastic choice for square nails, and there are countless variations to experiment with. This black-and-white manicure featuring square-shaped nails, for example, appears extremely contemporary and trendy.

14. 3D Chrome French Tip Designs

Those inclined towards daring French tip nail designs in 2024 may wish to experiment with a 3D chrome French tip nail style reminiscent of the one exhibited during New York Fashion Week the previous year.

You will add three-dimensional designs to your French tips to further animate this nail art style. Verily consider this manicure featuring chromium tips and 3D embellishments as a source of inspiration for incorporating 3D designs into French tip nails.

15. Artistic Nail Designs

You may find a more artistic nail design similar to this one in 2024 to be of interest to those of us who lean toward the artistic in our appearance.

This will not only grant you a fashionable nail appearance, but it will also allow you to express your innermost creativity in terms of nail design. For instance, you can create a variety of designs, as evidenced by these nails featuring incredibly interesting patterns.

16. Side Tip French Nails

An aside-tip In 2024, French nails, an additional stylish abstract variation on French tips, will be fashionable.

If you are unfamiliar with the side French tip manicure design, it consists of performing the French tip on only one-half of the nail. This side French tip style, for instance, is a straightforward and adorable design created with white nail polish that may be precisely what you desire in 2024.

17. Abstract French Tips

Furthermore, you can enhance your French tips’ artistic potential by incorporating abstract patterns. To illustrate, this French tip style distinguishes the fingernail tips with abstract designs.

In addition, for a more striking aesthetic, one may incorporate vivid hues, such as this exquisite orange hue, which is employed in the formation of an abstract spiral pattern.

18. Mismatched French Tips

Indeed, an additional French tip variation exists. The nail trends of 2024 strongly incorporate French nails!

Mismatched French tips are illustrated in this instance; they consist of abstract nails paired with side French tips. This appearance is beyond my wildest dreams; it consists of a stunning French tips design crafted from white nail polish and gold glitter. It is absolutely stunning and ideal for formal occasions or gatherings.

19. Outlined French Tips

Among my other fave French tip looks for 2024, the outlined French tips are an absolute must-try. By executing this aesthetic, you will essentially delineate the area where you would ordinarily apply French tips using your preferred shade of nail polish.

Furthermore, to enhance the aesthetic appeal, I suggest adorning your nails with vibrant nail varnish in order to create the outline design. This can be executed in an assortment of preferred hues, rendering it highly adaptable to one’s personal aesthetic.

20. Gem Nails

An additional enjoyable nail trend for 2024 is gem manicures. To accomplish a gem nail appearance, pearls and/or rhinestones are applied to the nails to make them appear absolutely adorable.

You may add as many gems as you like, and you may even get creative with the designs you create with them, but for a more fashionable appearance in 2024, consider adopting this style.

21. Black & White Nail Designs

Additionally, black-and-white nail designs will provide you with something new and entertaining to attempt in 2024; therefore, if you have been searching for black and white nail designs to experiment with, I strongly suggest you consider this one.

In order to enhance the appearance, black and white nail varnish are utilized to create French tips and star designs on the nails. Additionally, a splash of color can be used to make the appearance pop! As an illustration, this hue of light pink appears exquisite when complemented by black and white patterns.

22. 3D Chrome Rainbow Nails

If you have a penchant for chrome nails and are intrigued by designs that can be achieved through the application of 3D details, you might be interested in experimenting with these fashionable rainbow chrome nails in 2024.

This is undeniably a complex look, but it manages to integrate a considerable number of 2024 nail trends. Although I would suggest having it done at a salon, the preceding video demonstrates how it is accomplished.

23. Ombre Nails

Sincerey has been devoted to ombre nail art, and this trend will persist through 2024. They are always an excellent nail design to execute when you desire a simple yet fashionable appearance.

If you are apprehensive about experimenting with ombre manicures, I strongly suggest attempting the design showcased above, which features rhinestones adorning the nail tips. This shade is essentially ideal for any occasion. (It is designing elegant nails.)

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